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about the chef


- Husband
- Father
- Opening 'partner' The Standard Diner (ABQ)
- Restaurant Consultant National Restaurant Supply (ABQ)
- Owner Gecko's Bar and Tapas (ABQ)
- Chef The Range Cafe (Bernalillo)
- Chef The Double A (Santa Fe)
- Grateful Cook Cafe Escalera (Santa Fe)
- Chef The Prairie Star (Bernalilo)
- Sous Chef Christina's Restaurant (Orcas Island WA)
- Student Western Culinary Institute (Portland, OR)
- Cook Innisfree (Mt. Baker, WA)
- Several 'life defining' including but not limited to:
pizza thrower, prep cook, dish washer, apple picker, concessionaire, computer tech, electricians assistant, plumbing assistant, motorcycle mechanic, aspiring cross country and downhill mountain bike racer, model airplane builder, classical musician, professional juggler (yes I did get paid), herb farmer, housecleaner, seamstress, ski instructor, and master solitair champion.

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